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PURE SIMPLICITY: The Logitech M100 mouse is comfortable, easy to use, and ready to go. With a simple plug-and-play setup, it’s ideal for both left and right-handed users, offering durability and reliable performance.



PURE SIMPLICITY: Comfortable, easy, and ready to use. This straightforward, medium-sized mouse features a symmetrical design that instantly meets your needs. Simply connect the cable to the USB port, and you’re ready to start using a mouse that works right away.

EASY PLUG-AND-PLAY: This mouse is super simple. Once you plug the cable into the USB port, the M100 is ready to go. No downloads, no setup, no hassle.

COMFORT FOR BOTH HANDS: Whether you’re left or right-handed, you can work comfortably for hours thanks to the symmetrical medium-sized design.

DURABLE AND RELIABLE: The M100 is developed to the same high quality and reliability standards that have made Logitech a world leader in mice and keyboards.

SMOOTH NAVIGATION: Perform everyday tasks smoothly and quickly with precise line-by-line scrolling.


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